Coding and Marking on Paper and Card

Paperboard and cardboard are highly versatile materials used for packaging. It is used in both primary and secondary packaging ranging from food, toys, pharmaceutical goods and much more. These codes must be printed legibly and permanently as the majority of the product’s shelf life can be long and stored in many different conditions.


What is the print quality like on cardboard? This material is porous, absorbent and slightly uneven, asking for potentially diminished quality. Linx offers a sample marking service to ensure whatever condition you are marking in; the code is printed to the best standard with the correct machine. The codes produced are clear with accurate scanning at an attractive price. We are confident you will achieve the clear quality code you are after with us!


Carton coding is a common application used to mark additional information such as tracking and date coding on a product. Coding onto cartons is used by many producers of cardboard products especially cartons that contain various products such as liquid or powder. Cartons are made of various materials from paperboard, white kraft, duplex and various plastics and some must be food grade specific for direct contact with food products. 


Marking and coding onto paper is highly popular for product packaging thanks to its flexibility and versatility qualities. Within packaging alone, it can be used in various forms such as cardboard boxes for primary packaging in POS and corrugated boxes for secondary packaging. Labelling here is important as it contains logistical information clearly and efficiently. Linx provides printers that can print directly onto the box, eliminating the need for labels, and cutting cost, time, and waste. 

Printer Types for Paper and Card Printing

Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printers

All Linx Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers and Linx printing inks are suitable for printing onto paper and cardboard printing. Our range of inks includes fast-drying Linx printing inks for high-speed lines, coloured inks to enhance product packaging, and Ethanol inks for low odour requirements.

Laser Coders

Linx laser coder solutions for coding onto paper and cards include scribing laser coders for quality coding – from 10W to powerful 60W systems for high-speed lines and high-speed label coding systems designed specifically for the brewing and bottling industry.

Large Character Marking Printers

In addition, the Linx IJ355 and IJ375 (Impulse Jet) outer case coder applies exceptional quality graphics, text, and barcodes onto porous secondary packaging such as bags, trays and boxes, with text and logos up to 53mm high.

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Reliable marking of tobacco products; be it discreet, anti-counterfeiting marking measures or high-speed coding of complex messaging.

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