Beverage Marking

We offer a full range of beverage marking printers designed to meet the challenges faced by the beverage industry every day.  We code onto wet bottles without sacrificing high line speeds and robust traceability.  

Whether you’re coding best by dates, manufacture dates, traceability codes, or anti-counterfeit marks we can meet your specific needs. 

We offer many solutions ideal for printing onto plastic / glass bottles, bottle caps, cartons, aluminum cans and labels. 

Quality beverage coding to protect your brand 

Reliable operation in challenging environments 

  • Protection against water infiltration during production or CiP processes - Linx 8900 Series ink jet printersand CSL laser coders both have stainless steel enclosures with IP55 rating as standard.   
  • With the Linx 8900 Series enjoy long service intervals of up to two years and minimal cleaning which means more uptime on busy 24/7 lines 

Maximize productivity 

  • Code up to 70,000 bottles per hour on high-speed bottling lines 
  • Print both primary and secondary codes with the Linx 8900 Series – ideal for bottles/cans as well as outer cases 
  • Remotely monitor/manage your printers and predict end of batch runs with Linx PrinterNet.   

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Beverage marking printers

Our coding experts can advise you on the best solution from our range of marking machines for the beverage industry.  We can help you to reduce waste, maximise production throughput and meet deadlines. 

Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers 

Linx CIJ Printing solutions can help to maximize production time between multiple SKUs with quick, error-free code changeovers while line setups can be stored and retrieved for repeat work. 

The Linx 8900 Series printers are designed to make operation and efficiency easier than ever and will support your business with:   

  • Meeting your output targets  
  • Reliable, continual operation  
  • Traceability of your products    
  • Meeting compliance requirements  
  • Remote printer monitoring and proactive support 

Laser coders 

Linx laser coders are suitable for a wide range of substrates and applications at high speeds even in wet and dusty environments. Benefits include increased uptime with minimum maintenance, high quality permanent codes and the fact there is no use of consumables. 

Laser marking involves no ink in the coding process and therefore no drying time or risk of smudging.  

Quality beverage coding across a range of packaging materials

Plastic, glass and paperboard

Mark batch numbers, expiry dates, 1D and 2D barcodes, logos, and lot information directly onto glass and plastic bottles. 

Bottles, labels and sleeves

High quality, highly visible coding directly onto labels, sleeves, and paperboard with Linx CIJ and laser coding solutions. 

Aluminum and Metal Materials

Linx Continuous InkJet (CIJ) printers and laser coders offer reliable coding and marking on metal even in harsh manufacturing conditions.


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