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Metal Part Marking

Coding directly on metal parts and components is needed to ensure internal and external traceability, prevent counterfeiting and protect brand identity. Manufacturers must be able to track their parts from the moment they leave the production line to when they become obsolete at the customers’ end. Therefore accuracy and reliability of code application is a must.

Metal parts and components vary in shape and size, so it can be difficult to find a coding and marking solution flexible enough to apply durable and reliable codes onto even the smallest items using very small code sizes. Linx has invested many years of engineering expertise in developing reliable and precise marking equipment for laser and ink-marking metal parts, packaging and products.

Suitable for typically high production speeds, Linx CIJ and laser machines can perform in wet, dusty or chemically treated processes. Plus, metal parts also tend to go through rigorous quality control procedures, so easily readable, high quality marking is imperative.

Industries we work with

Depending on your business requirements, you might need to code and mark on raw, painted, coated or varnished metal. Printing on metal is widely used by many industries, such as:

  • Food

    Lids, packaging

Printing on Metal and Steel

When thinking about the right technology to apply codes onto your metal or steel products, you have to consider the conditions in which the production process takes place, as well as what the substrate itself is subjected to. Extreme weather conditions, temperature fluctuations from very low to very high, processing and moulding of elements and different surface treatments and finishes all have a huge effect on code adherence. If you choose laser, for robust and permanent coding, or inkjet, for wet and difficult conditions, you always need your text to be readable and to last.

Linx CIJ and Laser printers are perfect for marking and coding onto the following substrates:

  • steel/stainless steel
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • Gold
  • Silver.

During the production process, a metal part or product very often doesn’t just move along, it also turns and is manipulated to fit the production line at speed. This is where making sure your coding and marking stays in line becomes important. Linx printers provide a flexible solution that can be adjusted to your production needs. Our dedicated installation team assesses your process, and install the machines safely to suit your needs. Whether you want to mark on steel coils, pipes, large tubes, sheets or other construction profiles, we will help you find the right printer tailored to you.

Printing on Coated Metal

We provide a variety of product identification coding solutions suitable for coding and marking packaging, components and products made from coated metal. Printing onto fast production lines or awkward places including metal bottle tops and curved coated metal can surfaces, with no compromise on either reliability or quality of print to the package.

Linx coated metal marking systems are complete solutions which quickly and cost-effectively resolve your need to mark your coated metal product, with casings that are designed to resist contaminants such as dust and water, further suiting them to these difficult production environments.

The wide range of Linx inks and robust printing products deliver reliable coding solutions for coated metals in the most demanding of production environments.

Printer Types for Metal Marking

Continuous Inkjet Printers for Metal

Linx Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) metal parts printers offer reliable coding and marking in extreme manufacturing conditions. With outer casings designed and IP65-rated to cope with wet or other difficult environments, our metal printers are well-prepared to print for a number of industries keeping dust and other airborne contaminants away. Right-angle printheads are available for coding into awkward places on the production line, whilst our range of coating formats allow to print 20mm high codes – perfect for large metal parts.

  • Durable, high-quality printing for any metal shape
  • Reliable even in the extreme manufacturing conditions
  • Robust printheads can withstand any friction and knocks on the production line
  • Range of inks for specialist marking, e.g. oil and dirt penetrating for excellent adherence even in dirty metal
  • production process
  • Designed to integrate with your production line systems
  • The touch screen can be operated with gloves on

Laser Marking Machines for Metal

Linx Laser Metal Marking Machines and coding systems are ideal for high print volumes industries such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical. Linx laser coders also provide permanent traceability, making it ideal for steel part marking in automotive and aviation manufacturing.

Linx CO2 lasers are ideal for coding onto coated metal – producing a clear, visible code. Used especially in the extrusion industry, CO2 laser removes the top layer of the coating to leave a visible, permanent mark.

Our Fibre lasers are suitable for all metal marking, especially suitable for easy-to-read, clear 2D codes.

  • Permanent coding
  • CO2 or Fibre technology to suit the type of metal coating
  • Colour change is possible with different laser frequencies
  • Clear, visible code, perfect for 2D code marking

Ink Types for Metal Marking

The range of Linx metal marking inks cover most product identification applications, from printing batch numbers on metal sheets to barcoding pipework, coding dates on cans or part numbers on wires and cables.

Linx Thermochromic inks penetrate oily surfaces, remain indelible and undergo a permanent colour change making them suitable for containers undergoing sterilisation process after coding and automotive coding for components that require codes for internal traceability.

Linx even offers removable inks for coding returnable containers or internal traceability for example, beer barrels.

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Working with Linx

Why not speak to one of our sales team about your particular needs in metal marking?

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